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Cuba is mix of Salsa music, Mojitos drinks, the best of cigars, old classic cars, warm climate and vibrant nightlife.
If you are heading to Cuba, we have plenty of info for you, to enter Cuba all you need is a passport and Cuban Tourist Card.

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Cuban culture is unique in Latin America, formed by the island's fascinating history. Cuba is the combination of gorgeous landscape, unique way of life, is a Caribbean hotspot. You have not fully appreciated the Cuban sensual experience without witnessing the island's expressive dances, Cabaret Tropicana is a seductive blend of ballet and african motion.  Havana Cultural Events

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 Popular Hotels in Havana  
Hotel Terral Hotel Santa Isabel old Havana Hotel Nacional de Cuba Hotel Saratoga Old Havana Hotel telegrafo in Old Havana
   Santa Isabel
     Nacional de Cuba
Birdwatching Cuba Cuba is a wonderful place to go bird watching, the warm climate in conjunction with its exotic Caribbean location, makes Cuba one of the best places in the world for bird watching. Cuba has 350 indigenous species of birds, the smallest bird in the world is Cuban Bee Hummingbird.

Birds watching in Cuba
The primary location is the Peninsula Guanahacabibes west end of Pinar del Rio and Cienaga de Zapata Montemar National Park is the main core area of the Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar is one of the best birdwatching areas in the Caribbean. This great variety of habitats provides a wide diversity of birds within a relatively short distance. Also east of Cuba, the Sierra Masetra National Park is excellent spot for birds watching activities.
  Popular Scuba Diving and Snorkelling spots
Cayo Santa Maria Maria la Gorda snorkeling Bay of Pigs - Zapata peninsula Jibacoa Beach
Cayo Santa Maria Maria La Gorda Bay of Pigs Jibacoa Bay
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Havana is the most exciting city in the Caribbean. You may be temped by the capital city of old Habana known to provide an amazing cultural experience. Many locals commute by classic Amarican cars, you can tour historic part of old Havana in a motorized coconut shaped taxi.

"Habana Cafe" nightclub located in Hotel Cohiba is a Havanas hotspot, with a different atmosphere featuring classic cars, where: Elvis, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra once visited. Try famous Cuban drinks: Mojito and Daiquiri, the Hemingway's cocktails.

Havana Art and Fashion
Crab Migration Video Crab migration is an unusual occurrence and unforgettable spectacle. Accrued every year on Maria la Gorda peninsula Guanahacabibes, and the Bay of Pig peninsula Zapata, on the 30 km road, stretched from Playa Larga to Playa Giron. Bay of Pigs         Maria la Gorda

Million years ago, crabs lived in the sea, today millions of crabs move to the shore every spring. They release the eggs into the sea, the eggs released by the females hatch immediately on contact with the sea water. After few days baby crabs begin their march inland into the woods. We should protect crabs
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Cuban Salsa, smooth and joyful a dynamic combination of rhythms from the world's from African and Latin regions. Although the term Salsa is characteristic of a Cuban style of music, the term actually originated in New York City in Latin barrios. Term Salsa became a marketing tool in the 1960s, used to lump all Latino music into one category. Learn Dance Salsa befor you>
Mix of different rhythms known as Mambo, Son, Guaguanco, Cha Cha, originated in Cuba and they contribute to what is known as Salsa. The very term "Salsa" is itself ambiguous, and its use reflects some of the contradictions and complexities of the genre", although salsa is derived from many cultures, its backbone is the modern Cuban Son music. 

Casino - known as "Casino Salsa" from which came "Casino Rueda" characterized by arm movements.
Son - from eastern rural areas of Cuba, Son is a distinctly Afro Cuban style because it uses an African rhythm son.

Rumba - music and dance style is also derived from African music is played on conga drums, claves & guiro.

Mambo - music appeared in the 1930s, also uses African rhythms.
Cha Cha - Slower version of the Mambo, appeared in the early 1950s. Because its rhythms are simpler than the mambo, it is easier to dance nad became quickly popular.

Cancion - is fromrural areas of western and central Cuba. Country music, called musica guajira, or musica campesina. This rural music is influenced by the Spanish.
For the resort minded Varadero is a paradise spot, included wide variety of all inclusive resorts operated by European and Canadian chains. The hotels offer an assortment of water sports, pools in all shapes, long stretches of white silky beaches and turquois sea.
Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Largo  Cayo las Brujas      Cayo Coco     Cayo Santa Maria
Cayos beaches propose a very fine magnificently white coral sand, unlikely to be found anywhere else in the world. Cayos are nestled in a biosphere reserve expanse of the exotic vegetation. There are veraity of hotels and resorts from the ultra all-inclusive beach resorts to budget hotels. Turquoise warm waters of South Atlantic draw turists form all over the world.

Cayo Iguanas beach in Cuba
 Cayo Las Iguanas 
World of Biosphere Reserves in Cuba are located in land of natural blessings, in Sierra del Rosario and in the Guanahacabibes.
Few landscape in Cuba are naturally as beautiful as Vinales, province of Pinar del Rio is famous tobacco region. Vinales Valley
Rich in unique features such as Valley Mountains, the archaeological enclaves Sierra del Rosario - La Terrazas  Canopy Tour
Banos San Juan are located just 3 km south from Las Terrazas, the cascades and pools open 9 am to 7 pm entrance cost $ 4.
The Caminata El Contento trail leads from the San Juan baths to Campismo El Taburete via the ruins of La Victoria, old coffee plantation. Hotel Moka is unique romantic hotel, situated amid the forested of Las Terrazas hills over stunning lake, enclosed by nature, overlooking the heart of Sierra del Rosario mountains.
Hotel Moka                  Hotel Castillo en las Nubes

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