Diving Hotels in Cuba

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   tropical fish  Cayo Coco - Cayo Guillermo    Diving site "Avalon" reefsharks watch
Cayo Coco beach 5 Stars   MELIA CAYO COCO    Diving center  Blue International Diving Center
All inclusive resort located amid an exuberant tropic vegetation. Overlooking coral reefs water, close to a beach
of fine white sand. Hotel complex enjoys a supremely beautiful setting. The hotel offers accommodations
constructed over a natural salt-water lagoon and enjoys an excellent location on Las Coloradas Coco beach.

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MELIA CAYO GUILLERMO 5 Stars MELIA CAYO GUILLERMO   Diving center Green Moray International Diving Center
Luxury All inclusive resort in stuning Cayo Guillermo, located on one of the most beautiful fine white sand beaches in the Caribbean, close to a coral reef and the neighbur island of Cayo Coco. 20 km from Cayo Coco airport. A dream location at the very nice beach, enclosed in palms. All the rooms are nicely decorated.
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TRYP CAYO COCO 4 Stars TRYP CAYO COCO    Diving center Coco International Diving Center
All inclusive complex built on tde virgin keys, you can enjoy spacious rooms, four pools. Hotel located in one of
the pristine keys off the coast of the central region of Cuba. Built over a natural lagoon, facing and wide stretch
of suga white beach. Ideal for diving and snorkeling lovers, fishing and nautical activities.

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Snorkeling Hotels in Cuba
Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Cayo Largo   Dive site El Acuario  to watch sting rays, bull rays, turtles and cat sharks.
PLAYA BLANCA 4 Stars PLAYA BLANCA     Diving center  Playa Sirena Diving Center
All Inclusive resort, high confort at the front line of the beach in a paradise island, surrounded by lush beautiful
palms. With beautiful architecture, boasts a relaxing atmosphere, a great program of activities. Enjoy nautical
sports, fabulous marine life and fauna including turtles, iguanas and pelicans the purity of the beaches of
crystalline waters. Resort provide the most joyful days surrounded by a natural environment, great snorkeling.

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SOL CLUB CAYO LARGO 4 Stars SOL CAYO LARGO    Diving center Cayo Largo del Sur Diving Center
All inclusive resort offer beautiful rooms with terraces scenic view. A spectacular natural environment on stunning beach. The sparkling pool is surrounded by tropical gardens and wide terraces for the ultimate in relaxation. An enticing paradise for for scuba diving and snorkeling in crystal clear water of Cayo Largo del Sur.
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Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Las Brujas
MELIA LAS DUNAS 5 Stars  MELIA LAS DUNAS     Diving center  Las Brujas International Diving Center
All inclusive vacation resort in beautiful Cayo Santa Maria invites you to enjoy its pristine beaches.
The International Diving Center offers a variety of courses and packages organized by PADI and SSI certified
instructors. Cayo Santa Mari is famous for its majestic coral reef, abundant wildlife and pristine ocean bed,
where visitors can engage in scuba diving and snorkeling activities.

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MELIA CAYO SANTA MARIA 5 Stars MELIA CAYO SANTA MARIA     Diving center  Las Brujas International Diving Center
All inclusive, stay at Melia Cayo Santa Maria and enjoy the Divingrsity of its seascapes, transparency of its water
the excellent quality of its sand and the captivating enchantment of its coral reefs. You will find a wide variety of
Divings to suit all levels of ability in Cuba: scuba diving packages and initiation courses provided by PADI - SSI
certified instructors. This destination, of spectacular natural beauty, invites you for diving and snorkeling holidays.

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Villa Las Brujas at Cayo Santa Maria 3 Stars VILLA LAS BRUJAS     Diving center  Las Brujas Marlin Marina Internationa Diving Center
Boutique hotel, located on the coast of Cayo Santa Maria, near a wide long beach strip, a unique and very exclusive setting, excellent place for nature tourism and beach lovers. Open air El Farallon restaurant overlooking the beautiful long beach. Ideal spot for water-base activities: diving, snorkeling and sea fishing.
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Cayo Santa Maria Snorkeling
Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Cayo Levisa in Pinar del Rio
HOTEL CAYO LEVISA 2 Stars CAYO LEVISA VILLA      Diving center  Cayo Levisa International Diving Center
Located on small paradise island on the north coast of Pinar del Rio. Nice peaceful hotel, ocean view rooms
at the shore, offer 3 km of excellent beaches and 23 diving sites for scuba diving and snorkeling. Villa Cayo
Levisa an excellent location for the lovers of the underwater exploration, due to the transparency of their
waters. Comfortable cabins under coconut trees and beaches of white sand. Striking beauty of the beach.

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Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Santa Lucia   Dive site Tiburones Toro to watch impressive Bull Sharks.
Brisas Santa Lucia 4 Stars  BRISAS SANTA LUCIA   Diving center  Sharks Friends Diving Center
All inclusive resort is a snorkelers and divers paradise. Hotel is located a short distance from the second
largest coral reef in the world. It facilitates the practice of diving, you can dive here with the Bull Sharks. As well
you can fully enjoy of the natural wealth of the environment, with comfortable rooms and excellent service.
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Club Amigo Caracol 3 Stars  CLUB AMIGO CARACOL    Diving center  International Diving Center
Located on the white-sand Santa Lucia beach, provides an excellent atmosphere, surrounded by exuberant
vegetation, coconut palms. All inclusive hotel attractions are complemented by a beautiful coral reef. Hotel attractions are complemented by a coral reef, beautiful multi color fish and old sunken ships. Diver’s and Snorkeler’s heaven that create an excellent atmosphere to enjoy leisure in the Caribbean Sea.
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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Cayo Santa Lucia
Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Holguin Guardalavaca
Paradisus Rio de Oro 5 Stars PARADISUS RIO DE ORO SPA    Diving center  Sea Lovers Diving Center  
Luxurious All inclusive resort located in privileged position, at the very beautiful beach. A truly spectacular setting
privileged by nature and overlooking one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. This stunning Ultra
Inclusive hotel situated in Playa Esmeralda, fronting a beautiful coral reef for diving and snorkeling activities.
Playa Esmeralda area is part of the Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park, on the northeastern coast of Holguin.

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Brisas Guardalavaca 4 Stars  BRISAS GUARDALAVACA     Diving center  Coral Reef International Diving Center
All inclusive resort, overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches of the eastern region close to the landing spot
which so astonished Christopher Columbus in 1492. Guardalavaca offers the lovers of the nature the presence of reefs of luxurious corals, steep attractiveness and exuberant vegetation, scuba diving and snorkeling holidays.

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Club Atlantico 3 Stars CLUB AMIGO ATLANTICO     Diving center  Eagle Ray International Diving Center
All inclusive, friendly resort positioned just a few steps from the beautiful beach. Enchanting coral reefs are main
features in the shallower water, and Coral Garden is unquestionably one of the most impressive of the many
diving sites in this fascinating area. Scuba diving and snorkeling spot - great value.

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Cayo Saetia 4 Stars  CAYO SAETIA VILLA     Diving center  International Diving Center
Cayo Saetia is located southeast of the Holguin, in the Nipe Bay. Villa Cayo Saetia i an tempting paradise for
sea lovers. Cayo offer visitors virgin beaches, a peaceful lagoon, dense vegetation a lost oasis amid a blue sea.
Cayo Saetia is an ideal destination for snorkelers and divers. The hotel is complemented by a beautiful
coral reef and colourful fishes. Cayo Saetia is also the biggest hunting ground in Cuba.
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Santa Lucia Diving and Snorkeling
Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Cienfuegos   Dive site Banco de Jagua to watch cat sharks, hammer sharks and whale sharks.
Club Amigo Rancho Luna near Cienfuegos 3 Stars RANCHO LUNA      Diving center  Whale Shark Diving Center
All inclusive hotel located at Rancho Luna Beach, ideal location for guests seeking to combine the pleasures of
scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports. Corals abound including antler and brain coral, sea fans, sea
fans, bride's bouquets and multicolored coral fish. From November to February harmless whale sharks frequent
in these waters. Hotel is situated just 16 km from the colonial city of Cienfuegos.
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Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Bay of Pigs, Zapata  Dive site El Ebano dive down into a beautiful canyon, awesome big blue.
HOTEL PLAYA GIRON 3 Stars PLAYA GIRON      Diving center  Caleta Buena International Diving Center
All inclusive hotel, located at the Bay of Pigs on beach with fine sand and warm waters. Offshore diving is done from the beach, submarine areas fully with very attractive steep oceanic rock walls, closed to the coast. Beautiful black corals, Playa Giron is ideal for underwater activities, for scuba diving and snorkeling lovers.
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HOTEL PLAYA LARGA 2 Stars PLAYA LARGA    Diving center  Octopus International Diving Center
Located in Cienaga de Zapata area, at the long shallow beach, appropriate for diving and snorkelling, near the
Crocodile farms. Abrupt ocean walls located close to the shore are very impressive, covered with beautiful
corals including colonies of black corals, gorgonians and sponges. Hotel is ideal place for underwater activities.

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Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Pinar del Rio Guanahacabibes    302 km west from Havana,  Yemaya for mysterious caves
Maria La Gorda, Eco Hotel 3 Stars  MARIA LA GORDA     Diving center International Diving Center
Hotel situated at the western end of Cuba, Guanahacabibes, at the beautiful white beach crystal clear water,
in National Park Biosphere Reserve, Abundant marine life and corals, seabed at Maria la Gorda is among the
top places in the Caribbean, due to its abundant marine life and extraordinarily beautiful corals. Diving sites
are ranging from the vertical walls to coral canyons, and caves, there are even the remains of Spanish Galleons.

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Cabo San Antonio at Guanahacabibes 3 Stars CABO SAN ANTONIO    Diving center International Diving Center
Hotel situated at the western end of Cuba, Guanahacabibes at beautiful long withe beach. Villa style hotel is located in the beautiful beach Las Tumbas, with a particularly impressive seabed is the main atraction.
It is surrounded by a jungle and a marine environment of Guanahacabibes. Virgin beach area, villa is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling and nature lovers.

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Maria la Gorda Diving and Snorkeling
Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Havana   Dive site Boca de Jaruco, Caldera impressive garden of corals sponges & gorgonians
Hotel Comodoro in Havana Miramar 4 Stars  COMODORO   Diving center  Havana International Diving Center
Bungalow complex located in Miramar right on the Atlantic cost, offer Atlantic ocean right in the city. Sea front
locations in quiet neighborhood, where majority of the country's foreign embassies are located, this is where Havanas elite reside. Hotel has large natural swimming pool directly connected to the ocean and freshwater
pool. Comodoro hotel is a modern and functional property with a nautical flavor, scuba diving spot in Miramar.

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Club Acuario Hotel in Havana 3 Stars CLUB ACUARIO    Diving center  La Aguja International Diving Center
All inclusive hotel located in Marina Hemingway in Miramar, about 20 minutes from Havana center, ideal location for guests seeking to combine the pleasures of scuba diving, fishing and yachting. Hotel comprises an entire complex of stores, restaurants, bars, a shopping center, disco, docks for yachts, a port, international diving center. Free Shuttle Bus service to the Havanna center.
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Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Jibacoa Bay  64 km east of Havana,  underwater caves, beautiful coral reefs, stunning variety of sea life.
Villas Jibacoa 3 Stars VILLA TROPICO JIBACOA     Diving center  Puerto Escondido Diving Center
Villas in tropical scenery on the beach, located east of Havana at Via Blanca, 64 km from Havana.
All-inclusive Hotel, between mountains and the beautiful beach, ideal to rest and to enjoy the nature. Offer very friendly service, the coralline barrier allows to practice snorkeling and scuba diving, large swimming pool.

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Diving in Cuba
Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Varadero   Dive site Hoyo Azul Ojo del Megano 'blue hole' crammed with lobsters and coral fish.
BARCELO MARINA PALACE 5 Stars BLAU MARINA VARADERO   Diving center  Marina International Diving Center
All inclusive hotel located close to Marina Diving Center. Hotel offer an abundance of adventurous options, water sports enthusiasts can kayak, windsurf, diving and snorkeling. Or sail in the turquoise waters surrounding the Varadero. The resort offers the ideal setting to enjoy your holidays in Varadero.
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Princesa del Mar diving 5 Stars  PARADISUS PRINCESA DEL MAR   Diving center Gaviota International Diving Center
All inclusive resort, place of unique beauty, heart of Caribbean right on white beach, the only thing we overlook is the ocean. Offer unlimited watersports and provide you quality equipment to go along with it. For some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean, discover a colorful world of tropical fish and living reefs.
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MELIA LAS AMERICAS 5 Stars MELIA LAS AMERICAS    Diving center  International Diving Center
All Inclusive resort invites you to enjoy exceptional vacations. Excellent beaches characterized by warm crystal-clear waters and sands of varied texture and color, where you can discover breathtaking coral reefs, caves and prolific ocean wildlife. The professional diving instructors providing services have been trained by PADI, SSI and ACUC. Get you the latest on scuba diving travel, diving equipment and technical diving, great snorkeling.

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HOTEL KAWAMA 4 Stars  CLUB KAWAMA    Diving center  Barracuda International Diving Center
All inclusive hotel, atmosphere of a traditional hacienda, colorful houses and bungalows lay among palms gardens. Diving center offers diving courses for various skill levels, with international certificates. For all international courses, divers are required to undergo a medical examination at the Barracuda Diving Center.
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CUATRO PALMAS 3 Stars CUATRO PALMAS    Diving center  Acua International Diving Center
All inclusive, beautiful and comfortable hotel distinguished and elegant, arches, columns, distinctively Cuban appeal. There are some pretty cool coral canals and tunnels to negotiate and there's plenty of marine life to see.
Varadero is a wonderful destination for recreational diving and snorkeling.

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Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Trinidad - Peninsula Ancon   The best snorkeling in   go Cayo Iguana
Brisas Trinidad del Mar 4 Stars BRISAS TRINIDAD DEL MAR     Diving center Cayo Blanco International Diving Center
All inclusive hotel situated right on the shores of the beautiful Ancon beach. Just 12 km from Trinidad, the best preserved colonial city in Cuba. Offshore are some great opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling, along a reef. One of the offshore islands, Cayo Blanco and Cayo Iguana are very popular excursions from Playa Ancon.
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HOTEL ANCON 3 Stars  CLUB ANCON     Diving center  Cayo Blanco International Diving Center
All inclusive hotel right at the Ancon beach, a place of unique beauty, allows the you to enjoy of sea and mountains. Right at the withe beautiful beach. In addition to the white sand beaches the reefs here are the largest black coral reef in Cuba, offer number of dive sites. Great spot for recreational diving and snorkeling.
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Diving and Snorkeling Hotels  Santiago de Cuba  El Canal Blanco beautiful invertebrate fossils of caves and tunnels.
HOTEL BUCANERO 3 Stars  CLUB BUCANERO     Diving center  Bucanero International Diving Center
All inclusive hotel located in the Natural Park Baconao, on one side the Caribbean Sea, and the mountains Sierra Maestra, with a very nice wiev on the sea. Offer a great variety of Diving sites, Shipwrecks, Coral Reefs, Caves, Submarine Walls with daily diving lessons available at the hotel. Place for recreational diving and snorkeling.
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Peninsula Ancon diving center
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