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Santiago de Cuba city with a distinctly Caribbean spirit, known for its vibrant musical tradition. Santiago is seductively relaxed city Cuba's cultural hotspot, with a vibrant nightlife. Situated on the hills overlooking the bay and mountains, it is one of Cuba's most picturesque cities. Warm easy going juvenile people with historical and cultural tradition are making Santiago a unique place to visit.

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Today, the Santiago has not only Spanish colonial influence, but also French and African. Likewise, the high mountain and the Caribbean Sea are perfect condition for adventure and ecotourism. Santiago is the second more inhabited city in Cuba, founded in 1515 by Spanish Conqueror Diego Velazquez, is considered to be the one of the most Caribbean cities in Cuba.

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Castillo del Morro Spanish cannon Santiago Bay Cespedes Park Santiago city center Santiago at night Tropicana Cabaret Tropicana Santiago La Maison Santiago Fashion House
Castillo del Morro Santiago de Cuba1 Spanish cannon2 Santiago de Cuba Bay3 Cespedes Park4 Santiago city center5 Santiago at night6 Tropicana Cabaret7 Tropicana Santiago8 La Maison Fashion House9
There is an active nightlife all year long Santiago de Cuba, making it a lively place any time. The most popular nightlife and the most famous spot is "Casa de la Trova" near the Parque Cespedes and Casa Granda hotel, featuring Cuban Traditional music, usually open every evening until midnight.

Santiago at night
La Maison is a outdoor Fashion Restaurant on the grounds of an old mansion.

Attraction: Cespedes Park with the Cathedral, Diego Velazquez house museum. Bay of Santiago, Padre Pico and Heredia streets, beautiful Plaza Dolores.
Near Santiago: El Morro fortress, National Park Baconao, La Gran Piedra mountain 1227m above the sea, and the El Salton beautiful water-falls.  
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dining and nightlife in Santiago

Dining and Nightlife in Santiago de Cuba

Club Santiago Restaurant
Santiago de Cuba restaurants offers a wide array of menus and ambiance to suit anyone’s taste. Dine in a romantic setting with French and Caribbean inspired cuisine, an open air venue that boasts views of the spectacular Caribbean sea. Intimate atmosphere of a Paladar, where Criolla and Cuban cuisine can be sampled.

Restaurants and Paladars in Santiago de Cuba

El Morro Seafood and Cuban cuisine
Feel the warm breeze at the popular open air restaurant El Morro, perched along the cliff next to the El Morro fortress,
with spectacular views of the Caribbean. There are plenty of fish dishes, all served under a canopy of hanging plants.
Open from 12pm to 10pm,  Address: Carretera del Morro,  tel: 69-1576

ZunZun Seafood and International cuisine
Upscale dining experience, this elegant restaurant has several private dining rooms scattered throughout a large house. Attention to detail dining elements seldom given much thought in Cuba. It's best known for its quality seafood.
Open from 12pm to 10pm, Address: Avenida Manduley #159 Vista Alegre, tel: 64-1528

La Casona Buffet, Cuban and Internacional cuisine
Open from 7:00am to 10pm, Address: hotel Melia Santiago, tel: 68-7070

La Isabelica Cuban and Internacional cuisine
Be influenced by romance in this French inspired dining room.
Open from 7:00pm to 11:00pm, Address: hotel Melia Santiago, tel: 68-7070

El Criollo Barbecue, Cuban cuisine
Open from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, Address: hotel Melia Santiago, tel: 68-7070

El Cayo
El Cayo Seafood fresh fish and shellfish
Located on the isle in Santiago Bay, to get there you can take a boat from the harbour. The restaurant specialize in fish and shellfish: mackerel, lobster, red snapper, marlin, fish soup and Mariscada del Cayo. Relaxing tranquil spot for lunch
and romantic dinner. Balcony are overlooking the bay, dining areas are air-conditioned, there is a bar and terrace.
Open from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, Address: Granma Cay, Santiago Bay, tel: 69-0109

La Fondita Grill, Cuban cuisine
Open from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, Address: hotel Las Americas Avenida de Las Americas, tel: 64-2011

Pavo Real International cuisine
Open from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, Address: Cabaret Tropicana, Autopista Nacional 1 km tel: 68-7020

Roof Garden Buffet, Cuban and Internacional cuisine
Open from 07:00am to 10:00pm, Address: hotel Casa Granda, Cespedes Park, tel: 65-3021

Las Acacias Criolla and Internacional cuisine
Open from 07:00am to 10:30pm, Address: Ave Manduley # 502 Vista Alegre, tel: 64-1346

Matamoros restaurant in Santiago de Cuba
Matamoros Seafood and Cuban cuisine, live music   play video Trio Matamoros
Everything from mixed grill to lobster, named in honour of the famous Cuban band Trio Matamoros, formed in 1925 by Miguel Matamoros. Every night live music of different artists.
Open every day from 12am to 11pm, Address: Calle Calvario # 508, at corner Dolores Square

Don Antonio Criolla and Cuban cuisine
Situated in old colonial house, once belonged to the Marquises of the Candelarias.
Speciality is the "Boulevard" fillet consisting of steak, pork, chicken and cheese.
Open every day from 11am to 11pm, Address: Dolores Square, Vincente Aguilera

Teresina Italian and Cuban cuisine
Located in old colonial house, offer inexpensive pizza and spaghetti.
Open every day from 10am to 11pm, Address: Dolores Square, Vincente Aguilera

Paladar Salon Tropical Criolla and Cuban cuisine
Favourite spot, romantic getaway with astonishing views.
Open from 2:00pm to 10:00pm, Address: Luis Fernandez Marcane #310, Santa Barbara, tel: 64-1161

Paladar Rafael y Maria Criolla and Cuban cuisine
Open from 2:00pm to 10:00pm, Address: Calle 3th #57, tel: 62-3057

Paladar Las Gallegas Criolla and Cuban cuisine
Friendly, family owned restaurant will make you feel right at home.
Open from 4:00pm to 11:00pm, San Basilio #305, General Lacret & San Felix, tel: 62-4700

Paladar Gilda Criolla and Cuban cuisine
Open from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, Address: San Basilio #116, Padre Pico & Teniente Rey, tel: 62-2725

Hacienda El Caney Cuban and Internacional cuisine
Open from 07:00am to 10:30pm, Address: Carretera El Caney Marquetti Street, tel: 68-7134

Sitio de Compay Segundo Cuban and Internacional cuisine
Open from 12:00pm to 09:00pm, Address: Calle Montenegro Siboney, tel: 63-9325

La Casa de Rolando Cuban and Internacional cuisine
Open from 12:00pm to 09:00pm, Address: Carrtera Baconao km 53, tel: 35-6156

El Barracon Afro Cuban culture and cuisine
Restaurant ambience is a mix of Santeria and the slaves era.
Open from 12:00pm to 11:00pm, Address: Avenida Victoriano Garzon, Paseo de Marti, tel: 64-3242


Nightlife Santiago de Cuba
Many of the popular spots are located around Plaza Dolores Square and Cespedes Park.

Club 300 Bar and Nightclub
Open every night from 10pm to 2am, Address: Calle Aguilera # 302, San Pedro and San Felix

Club Tropical Discotheque
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11pm to 2am, admission $ 5. Address: in Cabaret Tropicana, Autopista Nacional km 1.

Casa del Caribe Club Caribbean Cultural Center - organizes dance lessons in conga, son and salsa
Open from Thursday to Sunday 4pm to 11pm, Address: Calle 13, #154 at the corner of Calle 8, Vista Alegre

Patio de Artex Life music performances
Open every night from 9:30pm, Address: Calle Heredia #304, Carniceria & Calvario

El Iris Discotheque
Hottest and most happening disco, cover includes one drink, young crowd couples only.
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10pm to 2am, Address: Calle Aguilera #617, near Plaza de Marte

La Taberna de Dolores in Santiago
La Taberna de Dolores Live music
Mostly Cuban crowd, an authentic Cuban restaurant in old colonial house leafy patio.
Open every day from 10am to 12am, Address: Dolores Square, Maria Rodriguez corner of Aguilera

Sueno Discotheque
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10pm to 2am, Address: Avenida Manduley #102

Club Nocturno Nightclub
Open every night from 9:30pm, Address: Alturas de Versalles km 1/2 Reparto Versalles in hotel Versalles

Santiago Cafe Disco Night Club
Open 10pm to 2am Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Address: in hotel Melia Santiago, Avenida de las Americas

Salon Havana Club Disco Night Club
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10pm to 2am, Address: in hotel Las Americas, Avenida de las Americas

Salon Del Son Live Cuban music and dance: Son, Salsa, Bolero
Address: at the end of the main street El Romada corner Plaza de Marte
Open every night from 9:30pm to 2am admission CUC$2.50, Beer is $1

La Taberna del Ron Bar
Open every day, Address: Calle Carniceria San Basilio & Calle Santa Lucia

Patio Bar Paticruzao
Open every day, Address: Autopista Nacional km 1.

Casa_Granda Cafe Bar
Cafe Casa Granda Cuban style bar and cafe
Open every day from 9am to 11pm, Address: Old colonial house, hotel Casa Granda, Cespedes Park

San Pedro del Mar Cabaret and Disco
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10pm to 4am, Address: in Hotel Balcon del Caribe, Carretera del Morro km 7

Casa de las Tradiciones Cuban Salsa music
Open every night from 9:30pm, Address: Calle Rabi #154 two blocks from Prque Cespedes

Casa De La Musica Son and Salsa music  play video Music of Santiago
Address: Corona #564 one block south from Prque Cespedes, open daily from 10pm to 2am, admission $3

Casa de la Trova Cuban traditional music  play video Traditional Santiago music
Open every day, Address: Calle Heredia #208, near the hotel Casa Granda, very popular spot.

Patio Los Dos Abuelos Son music  play video Cuban Son music
Open every day from 10am to 2am, night show 10pm, Address: Francisco Perez Carbo #5 at the Plaza de Marte

Cafe La Izabelica Cafe Bar live music
Authentic Cuban bar a coffee shop in old colonial house.
Open every day from 9am to 10pm, Address: Dolores Square, corner of Vincente Aguilera

Cafe Cantante Niagara Piano bar
Open every day 5 pm, Address: in Teatro Heredia, Avenida de los Desfiles

La Maison Santiago Fashion House, fashion show and music
Open every night from 9pm to 11:30pm, Address: Ave Manduley Vista Alegre near hotel Las Americas admission $5

Teatro Heredia
Open every day, Address: Avenida de las Americas & Circunvalacion, tel: 64-3178

Cabaret Tropicana Santiago "Viaje al Caribe, Trip to Caribbean" Rhythm, Colors, Sensuality   play video Tropicana show
Address: Autopista Nacional km 1. Tropicana Santiago is a legitimate expressions of the Caribbean essence, the best way to see experience it is through the dance and music. Here in the warm and splendid Caribbean, Tropicana Santiago show offers panoramic of the Cuban culture.

Tropicana Cabaret Santiago

The music and dance rage from those of the first inhabitants of the Cuban archipelago to the energetic flamenco and pasodoble of the Spanish colonizers and the African roots. The show include music typical to Santiago de Cuba one the most joyous Caribbean flavor, show winds up with Santiago distinctive conga and its rhythm.
- Open Fridays and Saturdays, show from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm, admission CUC$ 30
- Sundays show from 9:30 pm to 11 pm, admission CUC$ 5 CUC$  Drink cost CUC$ 2
- Discotheque from 11pm to 2am at Friday, Saturday and Sunday admission 5 CUC$

 Diving center Scuba Diving Centers near Santiago

  play video Santiago Coral Reefs

All inclusive on the beach, 60 km from Santiago set in the foothills of mountains. Comfortable rooms, all airconditioned with; safe, phone, satellite TV and small fridge. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Kayaking.

Santiago main street

The Padre Pico is Santiago prominent street, a picturesque place the Padre Pico's stairway in the El Tivoli district, named in honour to Bernardo del Pico Redin, former priest very loved in Santiago de Cuba by its beneficent work in the Convent.
The stairway has 52 steps, and was built in 1899 by mayor Emilio Bacardi, the place was known as a Loma de Carvacho.

Cespedes Park
Cespedes Park is a religious, administrative and social center of Santiago. Old name was Plaza de la Catedral, because of the Cathedral, built in 16th Century. Plaza de la Catedral objective to be use as Square of Weapons, Spanish soldiers carried out the military exercises and parades. Later was called Plaza de la Reina Isabel in honour to the Queen of Spain.

Santiago de Cuba is home of Compay Segundo, famous Cuban musician and songwriter. Maximo Francisco Repilado Munoz was born in Siboney, a popular swimming spot 15 km from the city of Santiago, he moved to Santiago at age of 9. His first engagement was the Municipal Band of Santiago, and later famous Buena Vista Social Club.

Santiago traditional celebrations
 Traditional Celebration

Cathedral in Cespedes Park

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Festival del Caribe Santiago de Cuba in July   play video Festival del Fuego
Parade of Festival del Fuego, one of the biggest parties in Cuba, Santiago`s popular event Fire Festival a street party of dance and Caribbean folklore. It celebrate annually in July, Fiesta del Fuego taken all the streets of the city until the morning’s hours. Week long festival that celebrates music and dance from all over the Caribbean, called Festival del Caribe is dedicated to strengthening ties between the Caribbean nations. It features free outdoor concerts, parades of spectacularly attired dancers.
Carnival Santiago de Cuba in July   play video Santiago Carnival
The Carnival is the largest, most famous and most traditional carnival in Cuba. It is an explosion of colour, contagious drum lively Afro-Cuban rhythms, dance and music. It is a time for Cubans to gather and remember their roots, history and culture.
Hotel Bucanero near Santiago de Cuba

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