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 Netssa logo             Bay of Pigs - Bahia de Cochinos in Cuba,  Zapata Peninsula Biosphere Reserve, diving and snorkelling spot.

Zapata Wetland, Cienaga de Zapata the largest wetlands in the Caribbean is located on the Zapata Peninsula 177 km or 109 mi southeast of Havana, in the southern province of Cuba. Also know as Bay of Pigs or Bahia de Cochinos. Isolated and serene, the Bay of Pigs is famed for its marine species, coral reefs and the birds. Ideal place to practice snorkeling, scuba diving, offshore boat fishing or open water fishing, birdwatching and hiking. The Bay of Pigs Zapata Wetland is an ecotourism area.

Triggerfish called Cochino in Bay of Pigs Cochino - Triggerfishes Bahia de Cochinos truthful translation is Bay of Triggerfishes, although pigs are also called cochinos. Cuban Triggerfish has traditionally been called Cochino and this is explanation for the origin of the name Bahia de Cochinos, which is known as Bay of Pigs.

Zapata Wetland, is also known for local endemic Cuban Crocodile. Cienaga de Zapata Montemar National Park is the main core area of the Biosphere Reserve and the Ramsar, is one of the best birdwatching area in the Caribbean. Swamps, countless canals and natural watercourses are typical of the rugged landscape of Cuba's Cienaga De Zapata Peninsula.  Laguna del Tesoro go

It is an extensive ecosystem made up of mangrove forests, keys, seagrass beds, coral reef barriers and deep reefs, including the Cazones Gulf, a deep underwater canyon that is the main recruitment site of important species such as porgies and groupers. Mangrove forests stand for one of the largest and best preserved stretches in Cuba.

Zapata Wetland
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Fishing in Cienaga de Zapata
If you prefer fresher fishing for such species as Tarpor and Snook, the Hatiguanico River and its tributaries offer you of placid water and modern vessels facilities specialized fishing guides. Transfers in flat bottomed vessels, you can stay at the Horizontes Don Pedro Fishing Camp or the Playa Larga Hotel, which offer ideal conditions for fishermen and those accompanying them.
Bring your own fishing gear.
En el Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata, puede disfrutar de una jornada de 8 horas de pesca deportivo recreativa. Tecnica Mosca Modalidad, si prefiere la pesca de agua dulce de especies como el sabalo, Robalo u otras, el Rio Hatiguanico y sus afluyentes ponen a su disposicion decenas de kilometros de espejos de agua y modernas embarcaciones. El alojamiento se le garantiza en el campamento de pesca Villa Don Pedro o en el Hotel Playa Larga, que la facilitan las condiciones ideales para acoger a pescadores y acompanantes durantes las jornadas de pesca.
Cuban crocodiles
birdwatching Zapata Bird Watching
Cienaga de Zapata Montemar National Park is the main core area of the Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar is one of the best birdwatching areas in the Caribbean. This great variety of habitats provides a wide diversity of birds within a relatively short distance. Hiking through the Zapata Montemar National Park is a perfect way to observe the natural fauna and tropical birds.

Coastal habitat around the Bay of Pigs is home to: Zapata Wren, Zapata Sparrow and Zapata Rail. It is also the best site for the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world. Other bird specialities of this area include Cuban Green Woodpecker. Warm Climat that Cuba enjoys, in conjunction with its exotic Caribbean location make the peninsula one of the best places in the world for bird watching.

The main Bird Watching regions in Cuba are: Peninsula de Guanahacabibes located at the west end of province Pinar del Rio and the Zapata National Park also the Sierra Masetra National Park is excellent spot for bird watching activities.
Hotels Accommodation:

3 Stars Playa Giron    Book Hotel  Located just a few steps from the beach, at the end of Cienaga de Zapata. Rooms are housed in a series of one, two, and three bedroom ranch bungalows and duplexes. All equipped with all amenities demanded by modern tourism, so that they can enjoy their leisure time. Ideal location for vacationers who love nature, beach and water sports. Same of the hotel cabins are right on the beach.

2 Stars Playa Larga      Book Hotel  Located deep in the Bay of Pigs on the large shallow beach, Zapata Biosphere Reserve nestled between the beach and the forest. It is an ideal location for bird watching as well as vacationers who participate in water sports and indulge in the pleasures of this typically Caribbean cocktail of sand, sea and sun. Playa Larga is an ideal place for underwater activities, such as snorkeling or scuba diving, sea fishing and birdwatching.

2 Stars Villa Guama     Book Hotel  Located at the Bay of Pigs area Zapata Biosphere Reserve at Laguna del Tesoro. An attractive unique architecture is a reproduction of the houses built by the aboriginal Cubans. Near the Crocodile park and birds watch areas. Motor boats, motor launches can be rented here.
Crab Migration Video Spectacular Crab Migration
Crab migration - La migracion de Cangrejos, is an unusual occurrence and unforgettable spectacle. Accrued every year in the Bay of Pig on the 30 km road, stretched from Playa Larga to Playa Giron. Crabs to make their long and difficult journey to the sea, must protect themselves from dehydration in the Caribbean heat, as well as traffic while crossing roads.

Million years ago, crabs lived in the sea, today millions of crabs move to the shore every spring. They release the eggs into the sea, the eggs released by the females hatch immediately on contact with the sea water and clouds of young larvae swirl near the shore, before being washed out to sea by waves and tides.
Many of the larvae are eaten by fish, after few days the baby crabs begin their march inland, into the woods. We should make an effort to protect these crabs, by closing roads or create road crossing tunnels.
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Snorkeling Playa Larga

    Caribbean Fishes and Corals go
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Place in Cuba where you don’t need a boat to reach the scuba diving or snorkeling area, because the slope is so close to shore.
Zapata Peninsula Park UNESCO has declared to be a biosphere preserve, and Ramsar site scuba diving in the open sea and in caves flooded with brackish water linked to the speleo lacustrian system. One Dive and professional equipment rental CUC$ 25.
Scuba Diving Centers:
• Octupus International Scuba Diving Center, Playa Larga offer 13 diving and snorkeling sites, dives directly from the coast.
There is a wall that drops 131 feet 40 meters down just 328 feet 100 meters from the coast.
Scuba diving sites: Cueva de Los paces, El Cenote and El Brinco.
• Azul Internacional Scuba Diving Center, Giron Beach. Diving and snorkeling sites are similar to those at Playe Larga .
Scuba diving sites: Punta Perdiz, Alejo El Moro and El Ebano.
El Pirata Internacional Scuba Diving Center, Caleta Buena offer 19 diving sites for different levels of Scuba diving and depths of
as much as 82 feet 25 meters, with speleo scuba diving in sinkholes and flooded caves, an excellent snorkeling spot.
Recommended diving sites: La Corona de Maceo, Los Canones, El Vabezo Caleta Buena and El Alto de Pailas.

Facilities: Team of diving instructors with considerable professional experience. Technical equipment that meets international standars. Hyperbaric chamber nearby, in the hospital in Cardenas, Matanzas Province. The Playa Larga and Playa Giron Hotels offer free scuba diving classes.
Restaurants Cueva de los Peces, Punta Perdiz and Caleta Buena offer the best seafood in the Bay of Pigs area.
Buceo y Snorkel
Bahia de Cochinos Cienaga de Zapata unico punto de Cuba donde no es necesaria la utilizacion de embarcaciones para bucear por la cercania del talud. El buceo en mar abierto y en cuevas inundadas de aguas salobres vinculadas al sistema espeleolacustre, constituye uno de los atractivos de Cienaga de Zapata, zona declarada por la UNESCO Reserva de la Biosfera y Sitio Ramsar. En la zona de Bahia de Cochinos, podra aprecias gran variedad de flora y fauna marina.
• Centro Internacional de Buceo Octopus, Playa Larga 13 puntos de buceo e inmersiones directas desde la costa a solo 100 m
   encontrara la abrupta pare de hasta 40 m. Sitios recomendados: Cuevas Los Peces, El Cenote y El Brinco.
• Centro Internacional de Buceo Azul, Playa Giron Escenario y puntos de buceo similar a Playa Larga. Sitios recomendados:   Punta perdiz, Alejo El Moro y El Ebano
• Centro Internacional de Buceo El Pirata Caleta Buena: 19 puntos de inmersión, con buceo multinivel, con profundidades de    hasta 25 m y practica del espeleobuceo en los cenotes y cuevas inundadas. Sitios recomendados: La Corona de Maceo,
   Los  Canones, El Cabezo Caleta Buena y El Alto de Pailas.
Facilidades: equipo de instructores de amplia experiencia profesional. Equipamiento tecnologico asegurado segun normas internacionales. Camaras hiperbolicas mas cercanas: hospital de Cardenas, Matanzas.

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