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Cuba is famed for its unspoiled beaches and rhythm of the music, a seductive blend of Salsa and African motion. But Cuba is more than image of beautiful beaches is a compelling and fascinating island, a specially for those who love Latin lifestyle salsa music and colonial architecture. Cuban culture is unique in Latin America, formed by the island's fascinating history. Salsa music and Mojito drinks, a puff of the world's greatest cigars, hit all notes for any Cuban vacation. You can hear heartbeat of Cuba through its music.

Havana is the most exciting city in the Caribbean, historic Old Havana can seduce any visitor with the colonial buildings and vintage cars. The predominant style of Havana is what has become known as the Tropical Baroque.
To enter Cuba all you need a valid passport and a Cuban Tourist Card, the Tourist Card you obtain along with the airline ticket, or you can get Cuba Tourist Card at the airport in Cuba.


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Cobblestone street in Trinidad Cuba

Colonial Trinidad is the most handsome town in Cuba. Founded by Diego Velazquez in 1514, the Trinidad is exquisitely preserved museum of cobblestone streets and the history of slavery era.   Trinidad Cuba Open

Lovely Cuban beaches list Cuba is a paradise for beach lovers, fine sand is bordering by Caribbean Sea, Cuban beaches are the most attractive of all the Caribbean Cuban beaches Open

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Popular Scuba Diving & Snorkelling Spots in Cuba
Cayo Santa Maria Maria la Gorda snorkeling Bay of Pigs - Zapata peninsula Jibacoa beach near Havana
Cienfuegos Maria La Gorda Bay of Pigs Jibacoa Bay

Cayo Santa Maria beach

There are few places in the world with as many amazing beaches as in Cuba.

point Varadero - at the northern coast of Cuba 140 km east of Havana.
The longest pristine and most famous beach, stretch of 21 km of nearly uninterrupted white sands beach is fabulous, water is clear and shallow for several metres, experience the white sand and turquoise water of the Caribbean.

point Havana Playas del Este - just 18 km east of Havana city.
True pristine beaches exist near Havana, getting there is easy only 20 min by taxi. East beaches composed: Playa Bacuranao, Playa Tarara, Playa El Megano, Playa Santa Maria del Mar, Playa Boca Ciega, and Playa Guanabo. Ideal place for a day trip from Havana.

point Jibacoa - at the northern coast 78 km east of Havana.
Playa Arroyo Bermejo beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, an ideal spot for nature lovers and for anyone looking for a relaxed vacation. White sands almost entirely unspoilt by tourism, it really feels removed from the pressures of city life, so tranquil and calm that to do anything other than relax. Jibacoa's coral reef is making this an unforgettable place to snorkeling and scuba diving.

Varadero beach

point Cayo Largo del Sur - a small key south of the main island of Cuba.
Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena two connected beaches, are the most outstanding of the uniformly spectacular stretches of white unspoilt sands, almost entirely unspoilt by tourism. It really feels removed from the pressures of city life island so tranquil and calm
that to do anything other than relax, or sunbathe at the nudist sections of the island.

Rent a car  in Cuba  

point Cayo Coco - island of the northern coast 508 km from Havana, called Jardines del Rey.
Island is made up with 27 km of some of the best beaches of snowy white sands, warm waters have excellent visibility for scuba
diving and snorkelling activities.

point Cayo Guillermo - kay of the Jardines del Rey archipelago on the northern coast 536 km east of Havana.
Beach is one of the nicest in Caribbean, seclusion and pristine afterprotected by stunning coral reefs. With its rich flora and fauna,
the colonies of pink flamingos can be seen, is an eco tourist's dreamland. Kitesurfing paradise spot.

point Cayo Santa Maria - northern coast 390 km fromf Havana, 116 km from Santa Clara.
On the north east coast, this small island with its 9 km of virtually untouched beaches has been designated a Biosphere Reserve.

point Cayo las Brujas - northern coast 396 km from Havana, 120 km from Santa Clara airport.
The most beautiful and unspoiled beach, fabulous turquoise Caribbean Sea crescent of white powder sand protected by coral reefs.
Playa Ensenachos and Playa Megano are situated on the tiny islet, part of Cayeria del Norte. Beaches are astoundingly beautiful
with calm, crystal clear turquoise waters.

point Guardalavaca - northern coast 820 km from Havana, 70 km from Holguin airport.
Playa Esmeralda and Playa Guardalavaca offer golden sands and turquoise sea, a prime archaeological zone of pre Columbian Cuba,
is one of lush tropical vegetation, brilliant white sands and clear turquoise waters. Holiday hot spot a nature lovers dream.

point Santa Lucia - northern coast, 643 km from Havana, 110 km from Camaguey airport.
Paradisiacal and wild environment, 22 kilometers of sandy beach, stands out for its exotic quietness and beauty, Scuba Diving Center.

point Playa Ancon - south cost, 348 km from Havana, 8 km from Trinidad town.
A wonderful white sand beach attractive Playa de Ancon has huge advantage, it's just minutes from true treasures, Colonial Trinidad,
and perfectly positioned for those who'd like a bit of colonial culture with their sun and sand vacation.

Cuban beach fun

500th anniversary of Havana  Iconic Gran Teatro de La Habana
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    Favorite destinations
   point Havana is the most exciting city in the Caribbean with vibrant nightlife filled with Salsa dance and music.
   point Varadero favorite Caribbean vacation spot, offer 20 km of dazzling white sands beaches bathed by calm blue sea.
   point Cayo Santa Maria the most beautiful unspoiled beaches north of Santa Clara, virgin natural place for nature and beach lovers.
   point Santiago de Cuba one of the most picturesque cities in Cuba, seductively relaxed, situated on hills overlooking large bay.
   point Bay of Pigs the Zapata Montemar National Park the largest wetland in the Caribbean, for snorkeling, scuba diving and birdwatching
   point Cienfuegos Pearl of the South, ground for pirates well preserved historical center embraces the most beautiful bay in Cuba.
   point Trinidad Cuba town with romantic atmosphere and slavery past, unique colonial architecture and cobblestone streets.

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