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Hotel Saratoga roof pool
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Rock from the mountains of

A rock from the mountains of
Jerusalem in Hotel Raquel.

We are pleased to offer discounted rates on hotels in Old Havana.
Hotel Palacio del Marques de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal
5 Stars  Palacio del Marques 
Hotel Palacio del Marques de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal.

Location: Old Havana center, famous square San Francisco de Asis.
Magnificent Neoclassic Palace converted in to excellent hotel, with superb services and modern elegant rooms. Best location in Old Havana.

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Hotel Santa Isabel 5 Stars   Santa Isabel

Location: in heart of the Old Havana, at the Plaza de Armas.
Probably the most elegant hotel in Old Havana. President Jimmy Carter stay in during his recent historical visit to Cuba. Also Sting from the Police band and the supermodel Naomi Campbell stayed here.

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Hotel Santa Isabel, Old Havana
Hotel Parque Central 5 Stars  Parque Central     About the hotel movie

Location: in the middle of historical center, on edge of Old Havana.
Very luxury hotel with amazing roof top swimming pool and bar. Top location in front of the Parque Central and near the Capitolio and numerous famous tourist attractions, and Great Theater of Havana,

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Hotel Parque Central 5 Stars  Parque Central Torre

Location: in the middle of historical center, near Prado in Old Havana.
Chic Modern Luxury Hotel the most contemporary accommodation in Havana. Surrounded by many historical buildings, National Theatre, Capitolio and Museums of Fine Art, sister property of Parque Central.

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Hotel Kempinski Manzana 5 Stars  New Hotel - Kempinski Manzana   

Location: on the edge of old Havana view of Capitol and Great Theatre.
Luxury hotel featuring splendid restaurants and bars. Experience true luxury in Cuba. Ultimate gastronomic experience 3 restaurants and 4 bars, which also includes a cigar lounge and a roof top panoramic restaurant and rooftop pool.

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Saratoga Hotel 5 Stars   Saratoga           About the hotel movie

Location: on the edge of Old Havana, at front of the Capitolio.
Hotel Saratoga is an experience not to be missed, today Havana's the most luxurious property. Roof swimming pool and bar. It's an elegant neoclassical style Hotel, Roof patio offer spectacular view on Parque de la Fraternidad, Partagas Cigar Factory and Gran Teatro.

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          4 Star                          
Hotel Plaza 4 Stars  Plaza

Location: in the middle of historical center, on edge of Old Havana.
Colonial era hotel with a magnificant facades and excellent location overlooking Parque Central. The hotel has a long fascinating history, offer roof patio bar and solarium. Good value.

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Hotel Inglaterra 4 Stars  Inglaterra

Location: in the heart of historical center, on edge of Old Havana.
The oldest and the most stylish Cuba's landmark hotel, the most classic hotel in Havana. The building has been declared a National Monument. Its beautiful neoclassical facade contrasts with its interior decor, most rooms overlook Parque Central.

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Armadores de Santander 4 Stars Armadores de Santander

Location: Old Havana, right at the Havana harbour.
Charming boutique hotel, with the exciting panoramic views of the Havana Bay, short walk away from the busy and lively Plaza de San Francisco. Breathtakingly restored colonial interiors. Rooms are modestly furnished with terraces overlooking beautiful harbor.

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Hotel Palacio O'Farrill 4 Stars  Palacio O'Farrill

Location: in a very privileged location in the old Havana,
Lovely converted ''Palacio''. Each floor is themed around a different century there are 4 floors, a magnificent neoclassic palace. The hotel is a place of excellence, thanks to its rooms and the restaurant.

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Hotel San Miguel 4 Stars  Palacio San Miguel 

Location: in the middle of Old Havana, near beautiful Havana harbor.
Colonial style boutique hotel, only 10 rooms, the heart of Old Havana. Attractive lobby bar and the beautiful terrace lookout with an excellent view of the Morro Castle and Havana Bay.

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Hotel Ambos Mundos 4 Stars  Ambos Mundos
Ernest Hemingway's favourite spot in Old Havana

Location: in the hart of Old Havana, near all the tourist attractions.
Hemingway's favourite hang out in Havana, In the early 1930's, Ernest Hemingway stayed in the room 511. You can visit his room which is untouched since the day he moved to his permanent residence.

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Hotel Telegrafo 4 Stars  Telegrafo           About the hotel movie

Location: Havana center Parque Centra, on the edge of Old Havana.
Splendid example of fusion architecture combining, modern design with colonial styles, overlooking Parque Central. Very modern and attractive boutique hotel, near all the tourist attractions. Best value

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Hotel Raquel 4 Stars  Raquel            About the hotel movie

Location: in Jewish quarter of Old Havana, near al the attractions.
Previous Bank in Havana's Jewish District, just six blocks from the oldest Synagogue in Cuba. Completely renovated, featuring what is probably the most impressive stained glass work you'll ever see.

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Marques de Prado Ameno 4 Stars  Marques de Prado Ameno 

Location: in the middle of Old Havana, near all the tourist attractions.
Unique Boutique Hotel in center of Old Havana in Colonial style, close to both Cathedral Square and Armas Square, the old mansion of Marquises of Prado Ameno, showing its splendour as in the colonial times.
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Hotel Florida 4 Stars  Florida             About the hotel movie

Location: in the heart of Old Havana, the best spot in Havana.
Opened just over a few years ago, offers exciting views of the Havana harbour. At Obispo street, one of the main pedestrian arteries of the Old Town. Breathtakingly restored colonial interiors, guests are greeted by glistening art-deco statue of a nude belle.

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hotel Conde de Villa Nueva 4 Stars  Conde de Villa Nueva

Location: well located and intimate establishment of Old Havana.
Tastefully restored 18th century mansion has a rustic colonial charm and intimate feel. A must for cigar lovers, it has one of Cuba's best ''Humidores''. Colonial style interiors and pleasant service.

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Hotel Sevilla
Hotel Sofitel Sevilla 4 Stars  Mercure Sevilla

Location: privileged location at Prado boulevard, edge of Old Havana.
Traditional and classic, famous Sevilla on Havana's beautiful Paseo del Prado. A popular meeting place for Cuban high society from the time of its inauguration in 1908, relax under palm on swimming pool.

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         3 Star                         
Hotel Tejadillo 3 Stars  Del Tejadillo          About the hotel movie
Del Tejadillo is one of the Old Havana best value hotel.
in the very heart of Old Havana, near the Cathedral Square.
An authentic colonial guesthouse, can be found after crossing the magnificent large doors of the Hotel Del Tejadillo, is set in the very heart of the Historical center. Just a few meters from the Cathedral Square and La Bodeguita del Medio famous Hemingway bar.

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Hotel Lincoln 3 Stars  Lincoln 

Location: Havana center, on the edge of Old Havana.
Nicely located just a few steps from Havana's Malecon and Havana Bay seaside promenade, In the evening, you can enjoy a music show on roof patio. Economical accommodation near Old Havana.

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Hotel Park View 3 Stars  Park View

Location: Havana center, just off Prado Promenade near Old Havana.
Charminh, small, inexpensive and elegant Neo-Classic Hotel, with quality interiors and excellent location on Prado. Good choice.
Budget accommodation close to Old Havana.

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Hotel Los Frailes 3 Stars  Los Frailes

Location: a very privileged setting, in narrow alley of Old Havana.
Steps away from the majestic convent of Saint Francis of Assisi and the populous Old Square. Boutique hotel designed as a monastry. Perfect place to enjoy the voice of silence and meditation. This place will not leave you untouched.
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Beltran de Santa Cruz 3 Stars  Beltran de Santa Cruz  

Location: in the middle of Old Havana, near Havana Bay
Elegant mansion dating back to the 18th century opens its doors to guests Olny 11 rooms in this wonderfully restored 18s Century Mansion, turned in to boutique hotel, features a bar, a breakfast room, public Internet access, laundry and a kids' club. Good Value.

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         2 Star                           
Hotel Lido
2 Stars  Lido 

Location: excellent location on Prado at the gateway to Old Havana.
Small budget hotel, close to Parque Central. A place of friendly atmosphere and kind treatment. Economical accommodation.

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Hotel Caribbean
2 Stars  Caribbean

Location: halfway down the Paseo del Prado on edge of Old Havana.
Havana's best placed budget hotel on Prado Promenade, near the Parque Central. Just a few minutes walk to Havana harbor.

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Hostal Valencia 2 Stars  Valencia               About the hotel movie

Location: in a very privileged location in the Old Havana.
A favourite among Old Havana ''Afecionado's'', located near the Plaza San Fransisco. Nearby places Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Museum of Rum, Taberna Benny More, Meson de la Flota Restaurant, Plaza Vieja old square, all at the walking distance.

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