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Cuba offer visitors taxis, buses, rental cars and escorted tours are available on the island. Every good hotel has a travel desk, and will arrange tours for you.

Main highway

Autopista is in good shape, secondary roads can be quite bad, but often more scenic.
Rental cars: Suzukis, Peugeots, Skodas, Toyotas and Hyundais the best way to see Cuba, though they're not rented at bargain prices-expect to pay a minimum of
CUC$ 39 a day, plus gas and car insurance, at the minimum CUC$ 10 a day.

Gas price for high-octane "Special" CUC$ 1.10 /L and "Regular" CUC$ 1.00 /L
Usually car rental companies aloud only to use high-octane "Special" gasoline.
Gas station service, can refuse to fill up the Regular gas in your rental car.

Long distance trip
Cuba's train system was once the best in Latin America, no more.
The top train is the night train from Havana to Santiago. Be warned that the food served on board is inedible and the air conditioner is kept so high be prepare.
The seats are relatively comfortable, though. Intercity buses run frequently, though tickets are almost impossible to get: Cubans wait for days to buy tickets, and there are usually only a few seats available.

Viazul busline
Viazul provide transportation service for tourists, short and long distances in regular bus lines. With competitive prices and comfortable service on board five star buses, with professional drivers, besides they hiring and renting service of minibuses .
They are biggest bus transportation network of the country and with a big structure at a national level.

Air transport
Cuban main cities and tourist spots are contacted by domesticís flights. Provided by Cubana Airline and Aerocaribbean. Cubana offer convenient regular domestic flights, between main Cuban cites.

Havana transport
The regular city buses, called guaguas, run rarely and pack riders in like sardines.
A newer but just as uncomfortable type of transport is the cameo, or camel, named for its humped shape.
Are huge truck-pulled containers, similar to semitrailers. They were introduced in the early 1990s and are the butt of many Cuban jokes for good reason, avoid them at all costs.

There are two forms of taxi service official taxis metered as: Ladas, Peugeots, Skodas and Nissans and informal taxis unmetered vintage cars as: Buicks.
Good less expensive Taxi service provides by: Pana-taxi and Havana-taxi.
Rates CUC$ 2.00 for first km. COCO-Taxi is fun to go around Havana - CUC$ 9 to $ 9.

You can use the old classics cars they're nostalgic, and support local entrepreneurs.
Another form of taxi service in Cuba are bicycle drawn carriages, usually for less than few CUC$, you will have a pleasantly slow ride and a narrated tour by an enthusiastic peddler. To avoid transportation hustle in Cuba, just rent a car.

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