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  Sancti Spiritusis is a charming colonial town in central Cuba - 354 km east of Havana

Sancti Spiritus is situated on the banks of Yayabo River. The settlement of Espiritu Santo now Sancti Spiritus, one of the Cuban cities painted in blue, where it is easiest to enjoy nature and spirit of the colonial era. Founded in 1514 at what at that time was believed to be the geographical center of the island of Cuba.

Sancti Spiritus Cuba the settlement of Espiritu Santo. Detached from main tourism trail, pleasing to walk around, is a natural stopping point on tours between Havana and Trinidad. A city filled with narrow streets, has hundreds of well preserved old colonial buildings, that combine many legends.


Yayabo Bridge

Sancti Spiritus with its gracious people offers visitors delightful colonial architecture and labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets. It’s like stepping back in time in the colonial past. City symbol is the Yayabo Bridge, Roman style arched brick bridge, built by the Spanish in 1815 spanning the Yayabo River the "Puente Yayabo".

The old town has been declared a National Monument, filled with picturesque, colorful little houses with uneven red tiled roofs and weathered colonial homes.  play video Attractions of Sancti Spiritus

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Iglesia Parroquial Mayor
Roman Baroque style one of Cuba’s oldest well preserved churches. Built many times, first when the village was founded in 1514, after its transfer onto the Yayabo in 1522, and during the visit of Bishop Almendarez in 1680.
Meson de la Plaza - Tavern
Former house of a Spanish tycoon in 18th century, located in a heart of busy square near the major church, in 1980 it became a tavern.
Plaza Jesus
Situated south of the colonial core of the city. It changed its name to "Plaza de Jesus" by "Honorato Park" in 1911.
On this square Spanish Crown publicly hanged its enemies. After the square converted to big market for local vendors during the colonial time.
Plaza San Francisco
Center of the recreational, commercial and cultural life. Surrounded by many neoclassical buildings, most of them museums and the striking library. The park today is named for Serafin Sanchez, general in the War for Independence.
Quinta de Santa Elena
Neoclassical mansion located on bank of Yayabo River, with view on the Yayabo Bridge. Built by wealthy Andalusian for leisure, now restaurant with traditional Cuban food.

Sancti Spiritus colonial street

Valle de los Ingenios Iznaga Tower >
14 km from Trinidad are the ruins of some 70 centuries old sugar mills. Stunning 146 foot high Iznaga Tower, built 1816, looms over the valley as a reminder of days when slaves worked the sugar cane fields.
Hotel Hostal del Rijo booking Hotel info >      Hotel Del Rijo  3 Star
Hotel is located in city center square, in 1818 residence of the noted and illustrious Dr Don Rudesindo Garcia Rijo, overlooking Plaza Honorato, with the Parroquial Mayor del Espirtu Santo church. A handsomely restored, light-blue colonial mansion, elegant boutique hotels has 16 rooms, 1 suite.
Address: Honorato del Castillo #12, Sancti Spiritus.

Hotel Plaza booking Hotel info >        Hotel Plaza  3 Star
Stands in the old quarter of Sancti Spirtius City, this hotel is perfect for those who would like to explore traditions, customs and life of this wonderful city.
A cute and comfortable small hotel, this remodeled place has a rooftop terrace and Mirador with nice view of the old part of Sancti Spirtius Plaza was first built in 1843 as a family mansion, by 1914 it had been transformed into a cafeteria, cake shop, guest house for landowners in the central region.
The premises were reopened in 1996, after have been entirely rebuilt, all the former colonial style features were returned to its original glory 29 rooms, 1 suite.   Address: Independencia #1 Plaza Sanchez, Sancti Spiritus.

Rent a Room in private house
Many houses offer room for rent, as Cuba gears toward more opened tourism, private accommodation has emerged for CUC$ 25 Casa Particulares provide opportunities for tourists an experience seeing Cuba people's life.
Sancti Spiritus is located near Lake Zaza, tobacco growing areas. 70 km east of Trinidad, 85 km west of Santa Clara and 354 km from Havana. Surrounding by spectacular mountains and valleys.
Transportation Viazul Bus
Sancti Spiritus has easy access from the main highway, on the way from Havana to Trinidad.
Viazul´s buses link Havana with Sancti Spiritus - 5 hour trip.
Rent a car driving is the best option to visit the region.


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