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Iznaga Tower Trinidad

Iznaga tower bell
Manacas Iznaga Tower - La Torre Manacas Iznaga

Sugar Mills Valley - Valle de los Ingenios Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.

Iznaga Tower is a place of reference, along with Valle de los Ingenios which is a silent sentry of a past, characterized by the boom of sugar factories in Trinidad, where African slave work.

Slavery phenomenon linked to Spanish colonization in Cuba is present everywhere in the Caribbean Island, as well as in its culture and traditions.
The ruins of Manacas plantations, sugar mills and old colonial estates are silent witnesses to slavery past.

African slaves, who were brought by force to Cuba by the Spanish conquistadors, made major contributions to the formation of Cuban society.

Known in Yoruba culture, Yoruba religion as the 16 laws of Ifa, their origin is attributed to the pronouncements of Orunmila, the Orisha of wisdom and divinations.

Iznaga Observation Tower was built in 1816, is characterized by eclecticism architecture. The seven-story tower is 45 m high, crowned by a watchtower from where sugarcane plantations could be seen.

Decried by some in its day as ostentatious, the tower stood as a lookout for the Iznaga family. Originally from Spain's Basque region, the Iznagas could climb to the top and see the vast sugar lands and some 15 of the valley's 57 mills.

Three bells in the tower, each with a different sound, rang out messages.
The large bell signaled the start and end of work; the medium one, a holiday; and the small one, Easter week.

The large and medium ones rung together told of a slave escape; the large and small together, a slave rebellion; and all three at once meant an invasion by pirates.

Visitors can climb the tower for impressive views, watchtower is an excellent place to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the valley.

Iznaga Tower also has a good dose of legend, linked to Pedro and Alejo Iznaga brothers, Alejo had ordered to build the tower to confine his wife, who had been unfaithful to him.

Attractions: Steam Train from Trinidad, passing the Valle de los Ingenios, stops by Manacas Iznaga Tower.
Iznaga Colonial House Restaurant Cuban cuisine, live traditional music and dance. Horse riding tours in Sugar Mills' Valley.
Location: Manacas Iznaga Tower is located on the road to Trinidad, 53 km southwest of Sancti Spiritus, and 14 km before Trinidad.
Access by road: from Havana 320 km, from Varadero 260 km.
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