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Old Havana, it's one of the most attractive life-affirming cities. La Habana Vieja, contains more than 900 important building, which are being restored to their former glory by the of the City Historian.

The predominant style in the hear of Old Havana is what has become known as "tropical baroque" a simple, graceful combination of column, arch and volute born of the union of Mudejar and Baroque influence from Southern Spain with Cuba building material: mahogany, cedar, coral limestone.
                      "Havana is simply marvelous…"   Federico Garcia Lorca

Old Havana is one of the oldest settlements in the America's - full of charming, weatherworn buildings and narrow, intriguing roadways. You needn't be an architecture buff to be instantly disarmed by the delightful atmosphere enveloping this city.

Visiting Old Havana is always unforgettable experience, drenched in history is a truly inspiring place.

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San Cristobal de la Habana is one of the first seven towns founded by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba. In 1519 a permanent settlement was founded beside the port of Carenas and since then the city has been an obligatory focal point. The port of Havana was the stopping place for the Spanish fleet in its crossing between Spain and Latin America, the colonist and metropolis.

Galleons laden with gold and silver from Mexico and Peru gathered here and escorted by war ships which safeguarded them from corsair and pirate attacks, they set out for the high seas and Europe.
The fleets of ships brought thousands of sailors to Havana every year, which had to be given food and lodging and provide with entertainment. Cuban cigars were the most popular Cuban product.

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