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  Havana centre of Cuba, Havana is fascinating city with a swinging nightlife. Havana has inspired more purple prose throughout the centuries than any other Caribbean city. Old Havana " La Habana Vieja" intensely romantic and beautiful. American novelist Ernest Hemingway, who lived here for the last 22 years of his life, said in terms of beauty, only Venice and Paris surpassed Havana's charm.

For his part, the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, who visited the city in 1930, define it as a quite simply wondrous. From this days Havana lost a bit from her glamour, but even now amaze visitor by its beauty.
Havana has been the capitol of Cuba since the 16 th century. It is a busting and lively city by the sea, uplifting and unprejudiced and yet knows how to lead its own inner life.

Havana is a scene of numerous attractions, beautiful beaches, astonish colonial architecture, and superb recreation areas. The city has major hotels, the most outstanding night clubs and renowned restaurants. Cultural live is remarkable in this huge mosaic where Spanish and African traditions go hand in hand to create their own identity.

From early in the sixteenth century, armed fleets of galleons were sent from Seville to the Spanish Main to collect silver, gold emeralds, indigo, tobacco and other exotic treasures from the New World. It was thus that Havana became the focal point of the Spanish empire in the Americas, the jewel in the crown.

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