Old Havana Cannon Shot "Canonazo"

Havana Military Historic Park
Old Havana famous 9 a clock Canonazo
Today the fortress, together with the El Morro is part of the "Parque Historico Militar Morro Cabana" The Havana Military Historic Park and, houses a large collection of old weapons. Soldiers in historic uniforms parade for tourists. Every evening at 9:00 pm
the "Canonazo", a cannon shot, sounds from La Cabana which in earlier times signaled the closing of Havana's city gates. Edmision is $CUC 3, you better be early to get your ticket on time. There is very interesting collections of the "White Weapons"
from around the world, at the museum in Military Historic Park. Museum is open late, that you can see it after the canon shot.

Old Havana canon shot

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