Camaguey, Ignacio Agramonte
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Camaguey  Cuba

Santa Lucia Beach is just 110 km northeast of the Camaguey. Where the sand stretches 20 km along the northern coast.

This is a beautiful beach, protected by an offshore reef which contains over 50 species of corals.
The water is clear and warm. Diving is run by Marlin.

There are 37 dive sites at depths of 5-40m in the area including a daily shark feeding.

8 km from Santa Lucia is Playa Los Cocos, with a very white sand and crystal clear water.

Santa Lucia offer beautiful beaches of white sand which are practically deserted and the Cayo is a wildlife reserve, the largest colony of pink flamingos in the Caribbean.

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Camaguey with population of 800,000 has been politically and historically important since the beginning of the 16th century and still has a lot of well-preserved colonial buildings, most dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many generations of revolutionaries have been associated with Camaguey the most notable being Ignacio Agramonte, who was killed in action in 1873.

City is home for the finest "Camaguey Ballet" reside perform in the best city theater.

Ignacio Agramonte

Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz 1841 - 1873. The most important hero of the province in the independece war of 1868.

City Carnivals since the 17th century, they always take place in June 24 to 30.


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Before Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, now it is the biggest interior city of the Cuban archipelago. Camaguey is Cuba's third largest city and has some colonial monuments and museums.

The town has an irregular street pattern so finding your way can be difficult. It's a capital of Camaguey province originally called Puerto Principe, was one of first villages founded by Spanishman in 1514. Its colonial roads, squares, churchas and interesting museums are reasons to visit Camaguey. You can stay in historic Plaza Hotel of Camaguey, right across the train station, in hotel is tourist office to arrange for travel information.

At night the Casa de la Trova across monument of Agramonte in the park you will also find numbers of good restaurants, bars and cafes. Pizza restaurant "La Piazza" enter from Agramonte and Maceo street.


In 1826, Francisco Velasco and Andres Manuel Sanchez were executed for being surprised when penetrating the territory coming from Colombia, where they had bonds with The Liberator Simon Bolivar.In 1851 the lawyer Joaquín de Aguero y Aguero, after granting the liberty to his slaves, relevated itself and proclaimed the Cuba independence.

After a combat, was captured and convict to death in Puerto Principe, where was shot together with four of their nearer follower. In 1868 upon the beginning of the independence war, the Camagüey's citizens went to fight on November 4, in Las Clavellinas. In 1873, in San Juan de Dios principal square, the Spanish burnt the senior General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz body, the most famous of the patriots, dead in a combat.

Camaguey also was stage of the North American occupation, in 1899 and 1917. In 1933, it was stage of the Spanish aviators landings Barberán and Collar, in one of the longest overseas flights of the aviation history, the Sevilla - Camaguey. In 1959, upon the triumphing of the revolution, the city was stage of the Liberty Caravan pass, the column that was directed by Fidel Castro, it crosses all the island in order to enter in Havana city.

In October of that year would also be stage of a contrarevolucionary plot, the Hubert Matos, defeated and the commandant Camilo Cienfuegos.

Santa Lucia Beach Camaguey
Santa Lucia Beach is located northeast from Camaguey

The city relies on several museums, Museo Provincial there are exhibitions of history, natural history, paintings and furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries, but nothing special.
Av de los Martires 2 esquina Ignacio Sanchez. Tue to Sat 9am -5pm, Sun 8am to 12am Museo Casa Natal Ignacio Agramonte you have an guided tour in Spanish.

Every two years takes place a National Theater Festival, and annually, the National Shop of Cinematography Critic. Camagüey is headquarters of the ballet of the same name, second more important dance company of the province.In the city is located several universities, like the Camagüey University, the Teacher College "Jose Marti," the Health College "Carlos J. Finlay" and the Superior Art Institute.

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