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Soroa is called "Rainbow of Cuba"

Soroa is named after two Spanish brothers, Lorenzo and Antonio Soroa Munagorri who arrived in Cuba in 1856, with the hope of making a fortune as coffee producers.
Soroa offers a beautiful twenty meters waterfall and stunning little tropical mountains.
Castillo Las Nubes
the castle becomes restaurant in 1967, and since them Its open for tourist every day at 8am - 4pm.

Castillo las Nubes

       Villa Soroa Eco Hotel
80 Air-conditioned two-room Cottages, with private bathroom, telephone and radio.
10 Air-conditioned houses with kitchen and refrigerator. 4 of the houses have TV, VCR and tape recorder, micro-wave oven and private swimming pools.

Hotel has 3 Restaurants,
5 bars, swimming pool, medical services, money exchange and parking. Visitors can Tour the Manantiales River, which flows through the hills, or observe the water fall and even go for a swim in falls.

Hotel room

80 cabanas climatizadas de dos plazas con bano privado, telefono y radio. 10 casas con aire acondicionado, cocina y refrigerador.
Se pueden realizar recorridos por las margenes del Rio Manantiales, que discurren entre colinas, contemplar su cascada, y banarse en ella.
A determinadas horas del dia, la luz solar se descompone formando un pequeno Arcoiris en la cascada, lo que ha dado lugar a que Soroa sea llamada el Arcoiris de Cuba.

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 Soroa fall

    Discover beautiful Soroa fall.

Soroa is located 76 km west of Havana, in the Pinar del Rio, western region of the Sierra del Rosario, Cuba. Natural Reserve Park, the Soroa orchid garden features hundreds of varieties of orchids.

Skirting the banks of several rivers, the most important rivers of Soroa region are: Rio Bayate and Rio Manatiales. Nature lovers, flower aficionados enjoy Soroa for its diverse flora and wildlife. This rivers are endowed with a crystal clear water, at the sunrays beautiful rainbow disperse over them, always when rains.

Soroa Castillo las Nubes
Castillo Las Nubes

At the highest hill of Soroa you can enjoy a delicious dinner in "Castillo Las Nubes" The "Castle of Clouds" has been build in 1867 by Don Pedro, Andaluz from Spain, where he enjoy meeting his friends and family.

After the Cuban Revolution the castle become state property. Don Pedro also owned sugar factory Andorra, after the sugar factory change name on Abraham Lincoln. At the entrance you will find original castle table.

The table was made in 1842, consider -"Una Obra de Arte" piece of art, because it looks like has been made only from one piece but in reality it's made from four parts of ebony wood. Two wall castle's pictures are also originals, Bullfighter and Ballerina.

Villa Soroa hotel
Hotel "Villa Soroa"
Pinar del Rio faster great diversity of flora and fauna. Soroa's climate is characterized by frequent rainfall and average annual temperature of 24 C - 75 F. Part of this area is covered by evergreen rain forest, some of trees are 40 meters height.

The region is home of Semideciduous forest as well as Shrubs and Herdaceous palms. In the outskirts of Soroa more then 100 species of ornamental trees have been identified. Another 60 species of vines, 50 species of edible plants and approximately 20 species of palms tree and bamboo. Lichens and moss are abundant as well. Fauna of the region is plentiful and rich in its diversity, within bird family more than 50 species.

  Soroa trail

Tocororo, Cuban National Bird (priotelus temnurus) Cartacuba (todus multicolor), Nightingale (myadestes elisadeth), Royal Wrasse (tordus plumbeo) and the Hummingbird ( chlorostilbon ricarddi).
Birdwatchers will find Soroa most rewording area. In terms of the region's historical and cultural landmarks, ruins of several mansions, that use to be French coffee plantations. Some of them has been restored.

French colonialist establish themselves in this region in the first decade of the nighteen century. Visitors can indulge in contemplating very beautiful natural landscapes, exploring caverns and waterfall.

Villa Soroa poll
Villa Soroa hotel swimming pool