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National Museum of Fine Arts Havana - Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes

The Museum of Fine Arts is hosting in two impressive buildings, one dedicated to Cuban Arts and
Universal Arts in the former   Asturian Center go            Spanish Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes go

The former Fine Arts Museum built in 1954 is dedicated exclusively to housing Cuba Art collations.
Art works have been carefully selected and separated into four sections.  
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Arte y Moda - Art and Fashion Event

Picture of Carmen Bacallao de Malpica
Art from the Colonial Period

Spanning the 17th to 19th centuries has rooms devoted to landscape, religious subjects and the "Costumbrismo" narrative scenes of Cuban life. particular interest is work of Guillermo Collazo,
his painting represented a culminating synthesis of
all that is Cuban.

Painting - Guillermo Collazo
Santiago de Cuba 1850-Paris 1896
Retrato de Carmen Bacallao de Malpica,1883
Oleo sobre tela 210,5 x 105,5cm

Picture of Carmen Bacallao de Malpica
Oil on canvas
Cutting sugar canes
Colonial Period

Painting - Victor Patricio
Landaluze Bilbao, Espana 1830 La Habana 1889 Corte de cana,1874
Oleo sobre tela: 51x 61cm

Cutting sugar cane
Oil on canvas
The white flower Turn of the Century Art - Siglo XX (Cambio de Siglo)
from 1894 -1927, is exhibited for the first time as a separate period, distinct from the main body of colonial Art. Particularly notable is the painter Rafael Blanco, considered to be the first truly modern Cuban artist.

Painting - Jose A. Bencomo Mena
Remedios 1890 La Habana,1962
La Flor blanca,1944
Oleo sobre tela; 135,5 x 112cm

The white Flower
Oil on canvas
Malecon Havana
Turn of the XX Century

Painting - Augusto Oliva Blay
La Habana, 1906 - 1990
El malecon, 1929
Oleo sobre tela, 80 x 60cm

Oil on canvas
Vanguard Art - Vanguardia
Section represents a phase of maturity and coherence in Cuban art, drawing together a complex range of styles and influences.
This section presents both mixed collections and spaces devoted to outstanding individual artist including Cubas legendary Wifredo Lam.

Painting - Eduardo Abela
San Antonio de los Banos 1889 La Habana 1965
Guajiros, 1938
Oleo sobre tela, 84 x 71,5cm

Oil on canvas
El rapto de las mulatas
Vanguardia - Vanguard

Painting - Carlos Enriquez
Zulueta 1900 La Habana, 1957
El rapto de las mulatas, 1938
Oleo sobre tela 162,5 x 114,5cm

The kidnapping of the mulatas
Oil on canvas
Mujer sentada
Vanguardia - Vanguard

Painting - Wifredo Lam
Sagua la Grande, 1902- Paris Francia 1982
Mujer sentada, 1949
Oleo sobre tela 129,5 x 96,5cm

Seated woman
Oil on canvas
Los Contrarios
Contemporary Art

Section is devoted to new generation, main gallery dedicated to the 1960s features. Work of Raul Martinez and Santiago Armada(Chago).

Here also is exhibited work of the many fine painters concerned with the search for Cuban identity through exploration of rural Afro-Cuban traditions.

Installation - Juan Francisco Elso
La Habana 1956 -1988
Los Contrarios, 1986
Instalacion: ramas, madder, metal, tela 219 x 151 x 18

The Opposites

Gallery devoted to the 1970s is marked by a preponderance of Hyperrealism and the latest generation of Cuban artist, whose works all reflect the strong symbolic imagery that has been prevalent in recent decades.
Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm,  Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm  Close: Mondays
Admission: CUC$5.00 foreign visitors.
Street Trocadero e/ Zulueta y Monserrate. Old Havana. Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba CP10200
tell:(53) 7 - 861-3858 or 861-5777

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