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Havan Night Club
Casa De La Musica de Miramar
In the middle of the 1990, the record label EGREM opened this, the first Casa de la Musica, since when its reputation has gone on growing. The space isn’t that big but the atmosphere is constantly buzzing. We recommend the afternoon sessions when the prices are sensibly lowered to attract mainly Cuban and very enthusiastic public. There are more foreigners in the evenings who seem to ceaselessly mingle and dance , affected by the general 'sabrosura'.
The great 'timberos' go on appearing here like Dan Den, Adalberto y su Son or Pedrito Calvo . So also do the new generation of 'salseros' like Arnaldo y su talisman, Charanga Forever, Chispa y los Complices; La barriada, El Clan, Sello LA or Dayron y el Boom , keep provincial bans like Sur Caribe from Santiago also, lately, the pop pf Partes Privadas , folk –fusion of David torrens, the ragamuffin of cubanitos 2002 or the unclassifiable style of Coloito. It would be a mistake to come to Cuba without making sure you drop in here.
Address: 20 No. 3308 ESQ, 35 Miramar, Havana. tel. 204 0447. Open every day at night 11pm to 4 am

Habana Cafe
Habana Cafe, Night Club
This cabaret –restaurant-bar continues to be a firm favourite with Cabans and foreigners alike.The decor is very polished and includes two fifties cars, a Buick and a Chevrolet, a gas pump, an old Harley Davidson and various other bits of memorabilia including a whole Cubana de Aviacion aircraft.You can eat while watching the show or simply Have a drink. The food is good, especially the nachos and ribs .If your visist happens to coincide with an appearance by the fine 'salsero' Isaac Delgado, the 'bolero' singer Beatriz Marquez, folk singer Pablo Milanes or the Afrocubans Yoruba andabo, the party will be complete. Address: Hotel Melia Cohiba. Paseoy 1ra. Havana, Vedado, tel.333 636. Open every day 8pm-2am

Cafe Cantante Mi Habana, Night Club
Installed in the basement of the Teatro Nacional, this venue offers a good acoustics. Dedicated almost entirely to live music, you will see all musical trends and currents here . This is a meeting place for a heterogeneous, edgy crowd and it is true to say that it is the most´ New York-ish´ venue in the city. Some bands play a weekly afternoon or evening spot. Some of the best to play here include: David Blanco, Sintesis or the talentedyoung x Alfonso , who fuse cuba rhythms with rock, jazz, funk and hip hop in various propotions. Other to watch are the up and coming band from Santa Clara, Aceituna sin Hueso as close to the Beatles as they are to Cuban country folk, rapper Papo Record and the rock bands Estrano Corazon acoustic and Modeda Dura whose sound is close to pop or the Afro-inspir 4ed Agarica. Also, of course, the salsa classic of female band Anacaona or the modern sound provided by Los Angeles de La Habana.
Address: Teatro Nacional de Cuba, Paseo esq. 39 Plaza, Havana Vedado, tel 879 0710. Open every night 10pm - 3am

Gato Tuerto
This place is to Havana nights the card is to poker: you can use it whenever and however you like : its a place to go on to after leaving somewhere else, early or later , for just a short while or for the whole night . Perhaps its success is because of great position next to the Hotel Nacional and right on the Malecon, or perhaps because of its permanently uninhibited .Three different soloists or groups take turns to perform every day, getting progressively hotter as the night wear on. Between drink, listen to Ela Calvo from la tunas sing 'boleros', or to Migdalia Hechevarria from Santiago or the versatile Mayda Michel. Just occasionally you get hear Cesar Portillo de la Luz , composer of 'Contigo en la distancia'…nothing can console me if you´re not here too…
y ´Tu, mi delirio' …this craze love that burns my soul… where better to be than in El Gato ?
Address: Calle O e/17 y 19, Havana, Vedado. tel 55 2696 Open every day bar-restaurante 12noon-2am. Shows at 11pm

Jazz Cafe
Jazz Cafe
The overall design and modern, somewhat cold, furnishings are distinguish this classically Jazzy bar with a sea view. It´s worth noting the frequent appearances of the saxophonist Cesar Lopez and the Habana Ensemble, Top Secret with trumpeter El Greco, and Oscar Valdes with Diakara . You can also often catch the flute and clarinet virtuoso Javier Zalba, guitarist Elmer Ferrer whose sound is somewhere between Metheny and Scoffied, pianists Robertico Fonseca or Bellita, and the talented Bobby Carcasses.
Address:1ra esq. Paseo. Havana, Vedado, tel. 55 3302 Open every day Restaurante-Bar 12 noon. Nights 9pm-2am. Show 11pm.

Tropicana Cabaret - info

Entrance to Jazz Club “La Zorra y el Cuervo”
La Zorra y el Cuervo, Jazz ClubLa Zorra y el Cuervo
Entering by way of a London telephone box, you descend to holy of holies of Cuban Jazz. There are often excellent groups playing here such as Peruchin, Mezcla or the explosive Canela who have sometimes played on out into the street with the audience following behind them. Legends such as Chucho Valdes, Wynton Marsalis and Danilo Perez have appeared. Visitors have included Jack Nicholson and Matt Dillon. During the Havana Jazz festival it’s wild.
Address: Calle 23 e/ N y O. Havana, Vedado, tel .66 2402. Open every day 10pm-3am. Sun 2pm-7pm

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