Camera obscura Havana
Camera Obscura in Havana
"Here the figures, here the colors, here all the images of every part of the universe are contracted to a point, what a point is so marvelous"
- Leonardo da Vinci -

Go into a very dark room on a suny day, make a small hole in a window cover and look
at the opposite wall, you will see magic. Full color and movement will be the world outside the window upside down. Light travels in a straight line and when some of the rays reflected from a bright subject, pass through a small hole they do not scatter but cross and reform as an upside down image on a flat surface held parallel to the hole.

Leonardo da Vinci gave first detailed description of the camera obscura in his "Atlantic Codex" 1490. Image quality was improved with the addition of a convex lens into the aperture in the 16th century.

Today the Camera Obscura is enjoying a revival of interest, in Old Havana at the corner
of "Plaza Vieja" on the roof, in sunny day you can enjoy spectacular view of all Havana
in the Camera Obscura dark room, it's unforgettable experience. Admission is CUC 2.

Camara obscura image

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