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Cuban art is diverse cultural blend of African, Spanish and North American elements, reflecting the diverse demographic makeup of the island.

Cuban art
Cuban contemporary artists you should really know:

- Armando Mariño is a renowned painter, sculptor and installation artist, and one of the most popular Cuban contemporary artists, born in Santiago de Cuba.

- Yoan Capote is a Cuban sculptor and one of his country’s most promising contemporary artists. Capote, who lives and works in Havana, received his education at the Superior Institute of Art where he specialized in painting, but later turned primarily to sculpture, still remaining highly active in a wide variety of different media including painting, photography and installation art.

- Carlos Estévez is one of the most prominent Cuban artists of his generation, and no, we are not talking about the infamous American actor of Spanish decent who goes by the name of Charlie Sheen. Carlos Estévez is one of the most respected and well educated Cuban contemporary artists. Painter, sculptor and photographer.

- Roberto Fabelo is a widely known Cuban painter, illustrator and sculptor, one of the most respected premier contemporary artists from Cuba. He is best known for his captivating artworks that depict nude women with bird-like features, such as beaks and wings. Fabelo’s most recent and even more impressive body of work, consists mostly of drawings, watercolor art, oils, and installations that show artist’s peculiar interest in human condition.

- Tomás Sánchez one of the most influential and widely celebrated Cuban painters. Perhaps best recognized for his extraordinarily detailed landscape paintings and depictions of majestic landfills, Sánchez is also a very prolific and multi faceted visual artist who has made respectable incursions into painting, engraving, sculpture and photography.

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